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Duhra Solicitor Fee Structure for
Immigration Law Services

The approximate range of cost that Duhra Solicitors will charge for the usual type of Immigration cases we deal with are listed below. Please note that this is only an approximate range. The cost accounts for taking your instruction and preparing the case for submission before a relevant authority- the Home Office or the Courts and up to usually the first substantive decision on the case. You will receive a new quote as the case progresses and depending on the options available.

You will receive a precise figure in respect of cost for your case under a ‘fixed fee agreement’ once we have had a chance to assess you case. The fee charged is dependent upon the complexity of your case, your instruction and time required to carry out the work. In the event there is more than one applicant then the fee structure will vary to account for the additional work required to be carried out.

Duhra Solicitor’s does not charge VAT at the moment and will inform you if in future the position changes.

Please note that there may be additional costs in the form of disbursements which are payable to outside agencies related to your Immigration case for example, the court fees, barristers fees, experts fee, translation or interpreter fees. You will be given a cost estimate as and when it is thought necessary that a disbursement cost is likely to be incurred respect of your case. You will be given the opportunity to approve the cost before it arises.

UK Entry Clearance/Leave to Remain application in Spouse, Unmarried Partner, Parent of qualified child, Child category or Private life £1200 – £1500
Extension application in any of the above categories £800 – £1200
Adult Dependant Relative route £2000 – £3000
Bereaved Partner £800 – £1200
Domestic Violence
Administrative Review
£900 – £1200
£500 – £1000
Indefinite Leave to Remain Application
Under various routes
£1200 – £2000
Visit Visa applications to UK £450 – £650
Appeal to FTT of IAC £1200 – £3000
Appeal to the Upper Tribunal To be advised if case progresses
Judicial Review Paper Permission Stage
Judicial review oral hearing and further stages
£1500 – £3000
To be advised if case progresses
EEA Applications
EEA Appeals
£750 – £1500
£1200 – £2500
Point Based System Applications Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 & Tier 5
Point Based System Administrative Reviews
£750 – £2000
£750 – £1500
Nationality and Registration Applications
Nationality and Registration Reviews
£700 – £1200
£600 – £1200
Deportation – revocation £1500 – £3500
Human Rights and Discretionary Leave Applications £1200 – £1500
Long Residence & Private Life residence Application £1200 – £1500